Barnaby Dixon

Animator / Modelmaker

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About Me

My first experience with animation came when a media centre opened in my town in 2003.1 took advantage of the facilities on offer and became interested in Stop-motion specifically. Through this media centre I gained experience by taking part in various film projects, including working as a designer/animator on a Julian Temple documentary.

During my Foundation Art course at Bridgwater College, I started shooting my first stop-motion film 'Eskos', which I completed in the summer of 2009.
I became a student at The University of Wales, Newport, where I instigated an Exchange link between Newport, and The Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow. Having long been a fan of Polish Animation, I made myself the first to benefit from this exchange link, and spent the entirety of my 2nd year in Krakow.

EMIDAM (2011)

Every Morning I Draw a Map is another of my more abstract pieces, it was made during my second semester in the animation studio of Professor Jerzy Kucia.
This piece was inspired by the physical sensation of waking up, and the brief but fascinating process of locating each area of ones physicality through movement.

The technique used for production was similar to printing. This process created a series of images with progressive alterations, and therefore worked as an animation technique.

Eskos (2009)

I created and animated all the visual elements of this film, this in-cluded designing and building the models and sets and the planning and lighting of all shots.

As Eskos was my first stop-motion film, it offered an opportunity for me to test my skills, and provided me with some experience of animation as a creative process.

King Vern (2013)

King Vern is another of my own stop-motion projects. I formed the concept whilst in my first year at Newport.

The film was loosely based on a folk tale of which many variations are native to a wide range of cultures. This project uses the cut-out technique of stop-motion.

Manifesto (2009)

Manifesto was a university project themed around the notion of perspective. I tried to capture the Cubist quality of presenting many angles of an object, by placing objects in a small box lined with photo paper and sequentially exposing and replacing the sheets. For each exposure, the angle of the light source was adjusted. This resulted in a series of frames displaying various silhouetted viewpoints, which were edited together in rapid succession to a piece of music by collaborator Bazyli Brzoska.

With a structure designed to dislocate, the film offers a challenge for the spectator to orientate themselves, and speculate upon what objects they are being presented with.

There'll Always Be An England (2008)

(commissioned work)

Characters designed by myself, and realised by Gary Chapman.

They were to be used in a 'Sex Pistols' documentory by Director Julien Temple, within scenes which Gary and I animated in late March 2008.

Turf (2012)

Turf is the film I'm currently working on and will reach completion by May 2012. Turf will deal with the notion of boarders, and display relationships between entities that have made an effort to segregate themselves.

As in all of my films so far, all visual elements will be created and shot by myself. However, collaborator Bazyli Brzoska will produce the sound and also introduce an interactive element to the film with the aid of computer programming.